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Freshly picked vegetables, aromatic herbs

Thailand is halfway between India and China. The climate is tropical, so there is an abundance of fruit, flowers and freshly picked vegetables. So it’s no surprise that aromatic herbs and flavourful leaves are essential to Thai cooking.

For all Thai cooks, preparing a meal is something very special; a source of pride and wonder. The carving of fruits and vegetables into exotic sculptures, decorated with flowers and foliage has become an art form and an integral part of food presentation.

A combination of five flavours

A Thai meal offers a combination of five flavours, sweet, hot, sour, salty and sometimes bitter. The balance of flavour, texture and colour in a dish creates a complex taste experience that makes Thai food so delicate and magical. Usually when eating Thai food, usually accompanied by a bowl of rice, there will be other dishes on hand including a soup, a curry, steamed or fried dishes and a salad with one or two sauces. This adds variety to the meal and makes it that little bit more enjoyable and special.

Top quality, traditional fresh food

Our chefs at the Thai Barn take great pride in making traditional fresh food, just as they would do back home. All the dishes, from starters to main courses and desserts are individually prepared from the best available ingredients and cooked on the premises.

Thai Cuisine

2010 Thai Barn Restaurant

Royal Thai cuisine, Bradford on Avon, near Bath, Wiltshire

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